About us

Founded in 1992. DTD built its reputation as one of the leading fishing tackle manufacturer in Europe.

DTD is dedicated to create a quality products with excellent catching ability.

Manufacture of all parts and products is done entirely in Europe. Main motto of company is " excellent quality at a reasonable price".

All products are result of a years - long research and testing.

DTD products can be found in: Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Australia, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria; Montenegro...

Increasing demands and increasing sales results confirms quality and what is most important, catching ability of DTD products.



CALAMARI is company founded in 2013. with aim to offer fishermen around the world DTD products.

Because of wide range of DTD products, more than 2400 different products it is almost impossible to have all the products in one shop.

We are here to help you avoid that problem. All DTD assortment is here and you can have it on your home address.

Products that you can not buy at the moment are products that are not produce.

Prices of products are equal as recommended retail prices of DTD products.


Enjoy in your shopping!

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